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The Facts About LawCrossing: Ripoff or Not?

LawCrossing: Ripoff or not? Plenty of reports and Law Crossing complaint reviews have been making the rounds on the internet. Naturally, people want to learn the truth.

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If you have read any LawCrossing ripoff stories, the first thing that comes across is the fact that every Law Crossing ripoff report seems to pick on the fact that it is a paid website. The truth is that a paid membership is always better than the free services offered by most job boards, as having a paid membership limits the amount of competition in your job search.
LawCrossing is the only legal research institution currently in the world that strives to track down every available legal job. It offers a huge database with job openings from almost every legal employer webpage in the country. This includes all law firms, public interest organizations, government offices, job boards and more. Its database is updated daily, and it has been put together by hundreds of researchers, programmers, and many others.


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Delanee H. | Los Angeles, CA
LawCrossing is in constant touch with the legal market in every sector. It thus helps one to get the benefit of many things under one umbrella.

Matthew C. | Woodland Hills, CA
LawCrossing has an amazing option of online job applications. It also has the feature to save a number of resumes and different cover letters. This saves a lot of time. Thanks!

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