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Why Have a Paid Membership?

Why Select a Paid Membership on LawCrossing?

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The general thinking is that anything available for free is better than paying for the same thing. While this may be true in some cases, when it comes to your career this cannot be farther from truth. Take the example of job boards. Most applicants today check dozens of public job boards that allow you to check legal job openings for free. On the other hand there is LawCrossing, which charges a fee for membership.

LawCrossing Ripoff? Is Free Always Better?

Law Crossing ripoff reports usually focus on the fact that the website has a paid membership. For a fixed membership fee, you get access to tens of thousands of legal job openings. Most people would think twice about paying a membership fee when they can access legal jobs for free somewhere else. However, public job boards only bring you a very small fraction of the total number of legal jobs that are actually available in the industry right now.

LawCrossing fraud claims won’t tell you how public job boards charge a hefty fee from employers in order to allow them to post their job openings with them. Employers only post a few of their total job openings when they are expected to spend money. While LawCrossing does charge employers to post job openings, it doesn’t just sit around and wait for employers to post jobs on its site. Instead, LawCrossing goes out trying to locate every available legal job in the market. These jobs come from dozens of sources and thousands of web pages and are updated daily.

Why LawCrossing is Better Than Public Job Boards

A LawCrossing complaints review or a LawCrossing ripoff story both don’t tell you the truth about the best way to find legal jobs. Only a few people know that most legal jobs are found on the smaller job boards and employer websites as well as a dozen other sources that are not very well-known. LawCrossing works 24/7 to bring you these job opportunities. These are also jobs that receive very few applications since they are not well advertised. With a paid membership to LawCrossing, you get access to thousands of such job openings. When you apply for these jobs, you have a higher likelihood of getting a job offer since these positions receive very few applications. This is a major advantage that no public job board is capable of providing you, which is why LawCrossing is better than any other public job board.